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WOW! You built that?!"

After taking this comprehensive course, your web developer skills will quickly make you the envy of your friends, create awe among your colleagues, and even earn extra income as a web developer.

Best yet, this collection of courses is available at a fraction of what they'd cost individually. So you get exclusive access to thousands of dollars worth of web development training.

Registration: $249.00

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About this Program

This course is a careful compilation of the 11 most essential programming languages that you'll need to accelerate from absolute novice to advanced developer.

You'll receive practical learning techniques, along with expert advice and valuable tips, on how to create fully-interactive and custom-designed websites and web applications.

  • Dreamweaver CC for Beginners

  • HTML/CSS Crash for Beginners

  • HTML5 Essentials for Beginners

  • PHP Programming for Beginners

  • MySQL for Beginners

  • Learn Advanced PHP Programming

  • Learn JavaScript for Beginners

  • jQuery Crash Course

  • Learn XML Crash Course

  • Build a Responsive Website with Bootstrap 3

  • Angular Crash Course for Beginners..

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Registration fee is $249.00
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